Before Toby Exit

❝ I think I saw you on my sleep, darling. Then, you're just a figment of my imagination. But as I look at you, looking at me, I knew. You're real.❞
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Chapter 1

You woke up.  The first thing you saw when you open your eyes was him. He was still there,  lay down right next to you. You remembered last night and you smiled. How can someone look so perfect? Like an angel when he stares at you. And he was still there, right next to you, smiling while sleeping and you thought to yourself hopping that he was dreaming with you.  A few months ago if someone told you that in a couple of days you would hurt some of the people you must care about and choose you first instead of them, you wouldn’t believe.  You choose your happiness instead of them and you weren’t regretted. Looking at him sleeping you knew you had made the right decision. You sited on bed trying to make the least possible noise you could. You were afraid. Afraid that if, when he woke up, he would regret it. Regret what happened last night. But a few second after he open his eyes. You smiled at the same time and all the fears who could still be there, disappeared when he kissed you. Slowly, softly , weakly your lips separated. He asked you to lay down right next to him. Helplessly at his request, he hugged you from behind while you’re still putting your body closer to his.

He kissed your shoulder and whispered:

-Are you regretted?

As long as you moved closer to him, he grabbed you stronger than before.


You said sincerely. He kissed your shoulder one more time and you were sure that if you could see his face in that moment he was smiling. Slowly his face moved and you feel his lips on your neck. A “I love you” was whispered and all the hair in your body stood up. You moved and stop when you both were face to face. You noticed he was looking deep on your eyes while smiled at you, for you, to you, with the most sincerely smiled you haver saw. You kissed him. He still smiled at the first touch and just after a seconds he corresponded the kiss. You enjoyed the heat of his body on yours and you keep kissing till your lips sore. With the fingers interlaced you thought you couldn’t feel so close to someone as you felt that moment, just laying down in bed with him, hugging and wishing the whole world stopped.

You kissed his check before both of you realized you needed to get up and the guy you loved needed to leave before your parents woke up. Between kisses, hugs, small laughs and lovely words you get up and dressed.

Someone beat at your door and you heard your dad’s voice at the other side of the door.

-Holland, wake up.

He grabbed his jacket and kissed you once again. With the window wide open, he jump. And he fall. You put your hand in front of your mouth as faster as you could trying to prevent your dad to hear your laughs. He smiled nervous.

-I got it, I got it.

He said when you tried to help him. You saw him disappear down the street and reappear a few seconds after. He run in to your window.

-What are you…

He kissed you before you could talk and looking deep on your green eyes he said.

-I love you, Holly.

He disappear again and you stayed in front of the window just to make sure he would get back.  You finally went to the kitchen and your dad kissed your cheek.

-Good morning Holland.

-This Is definitely a good morning.

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My blog is not just for BYE, can you please tell me more blogs about the boys so i can follow?


check out byeworld, rileymicdonea, byealerts…

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your fanfic is going to about about what member?


i’m trying to do about all of them, i mean, Riley, Connor and Toby. I want all the girls to have a little moment with them hahah.

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please post your fanfic


give me 10 more minutes

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Do you write imagines?


yeah  I do

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